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As a multimedia composer, he scores for films, television, games, advertisements and visual arts. At the same time, he also composes for concert music, musical and arranges songs. He started his journey with classical piano at 5, then won dozens of prizes in his country. Played in several orchestras and choirs as a pianist, he gained praise from conductors, instrument players, singers and audiences. “He is a talented kid with great musicianship and techniques, suitable for different works in almost all kinds of genres.”

After 18, he started to be trained as a professional composer. Not only be influenced by the great composers in the classical and romantic periods, but he also got jazz music training and electronic music techniques. The films he scored have been exhibited in several film festivals and online streaming platforms.

In 2020, he was admitted to the NYU Screen Scoring graduate program as a student, and studied with internationally renowned musicians. He won second place in Lei Cine International Film Scoring Competition. His concert works had been played in China, Singapore, and the US. With experience in several studios and stages, he is mature in music production and good at providing well-produced and immersed sounded works to clients and audiences.

Composition Reel for Website
Yichen Cai

Composition Reel for Website

00:01 Future World - Collaboration with Tisch (2021) Scored in a typical Hollywood superhero style hybrid orchestra, trying to reach a violent level of music to accompany the doom scene. 00:23 Yellow is the New Black - Lei Cine Film Scoring Competition (2021) Classic mickey-mousing technique attempt to an action comedy animation. 2nd place winning piece of the competition. 00:54 Operation Hyacinth “The Task” - Young Talent Award (2022) Chamber size orchestra composition for a mini sad scene. Post classical and impressionism music language used in the score. 01:55 Jinxy Jenkins - Marvin Hamlisch Scoring Contest (2021) Exaggerate classical orchestra used to create a contrast of two main characters in the funny animation. Second half of the score is written in early jazz style, featuring the ragtime piano solo. 04:10 Genesis - Berlin International Film Scoring Competition (2022) Here is the main theme for the whole short film. Dark and dissonant chords used to forming a scientific and lifeless vibe for the film. Large orchestra and analog synthesizer blended together for a even more enigmatic soundscape. 04:38 Jonas and the Sea - Marvin Hamlisch International Music Award (2022) Piano was written in a new age style, accompanied by solo brass, in order to create a thematic moment eulogize the courage of the man. Melodic score is ongoing with the montage cut in the scene. 05:19 Quest - Rescore for a fight scene (2021) Electronic palette and cinematic percussion is used to provide energy for fight and chase scene. Fast arpeggios and continuous changing timbre of the synth add a sense of danger. 05:59 Mother! - Rescore for the paint scene (2021) Inspired by the early Hollywood orchestral, which is also inherited from the late romanticism period music style. Arranged for string orchestra. 06:57 Exposing Muybridge - Rescore for the television show main title (2021) Mainstream hybrid score approach and repetitive motif used to deliver a historical and suspenseful atmosphere and memorable main title for the television show. 07:41 Incredibles - Rescore for a chase scene (2020) Jazz and funk fusion score for the animation. 08:27 Mr. Robot - Rescore for a murder scene (2021) Electronic score for a violent murder scene. Dense bass and harsh wavering high pitch created a heart attack and extreme moment for the scene. 09:01 The Big Leap - Rescore for advertisement (2020) Hybrid score approach used to describe the spirit of the brand and excitement of the character’s inner world. 09:40 I Am Legend - Rescore for a chase scene (2021) Orchestral element used to describe a world after catastrophe. 10:27 Word - Rescore for the concept animation (2022) Electronic orchestra and processed choir recording used to add flavor to the high concept animation created for people who have dyslexia. Chaotic and complicated notes indicated the helpless feeling of the character in the animation.
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